How to Bake a Festive Oktoberfest Sausage Bun Cake: Yolanda Gampp Shares Her Tips


The article is about a video by Yolanda Gampp, where she demonstrates how to make an Oktoberfest-inspired sausage on a bun using cake. Yolanda Gampp is a well-known cake artist and the host of the YouTube channel "How To Cake It."

In the video, Yolanda Gampp begins by explaining that October is a festive time, especially in Germany, as it is the month when Oktoberfest takes place. She mentions how people indulge in various traditional foods during this time, and she decides to recreate the sausage on a bun, a popular Oktoberfest treat, using cake.

Yolanda Gampp starts by baking two large yellow cake layers, which will serve as the base for the sausage on a bun.


Once the layers are cooled, she carves them into the shape of a long, rounded bun. She then proceeds to fill the bun with chocolate cake crumbs, creating the illusion of a sausage inside.

To create the sausage look, Yolanda Gampp covers the entire cake with a layer of brown fondant. She adds realistic details such as grill marks and mustard using food coloring and edible paint. She also uses a blow torch to lightly toast the fondant, giving it a grilled appearance.

Next, Yolanda Gampp moves on to the bun. She covers the exterior of the cake bun with light brown fondant, resembling a freshly baked bread roll.


She adds texture to the fondant by using a cake sculpting tool to create creases and lines. Finally, she uses edible paint to give the bun a golden, glossy finish.

To complete the cake, Yolanda Gampp adds additional details such as sesame seeds made from white chocolate, which she attaches to the bun using edible glue. She also adds a dollop of butter made from yellow fondant.

The final result is a realistic-looking sausage on a bun cake that captures the essence of Oktoberfest. Yolanda Gampp showcases her creative skills, demonstrating how it is possible to turn traditional foods into extraordinary cake creations.


In conclusion, Yolanda Gampp's video showcases her talent for cake artistry by transforming a popular Oktoberfest treat, sausage on a bun, into a cake. By using various cake sculpting techniques and fondant, she creates a realistic-looking cake that resembles a sausage inside a bun. Her attention to detail, from grill marks to edible paint for added texture, adds to the overall authenticity of the cake. This video serves as inspiration for those with a passion for baking and a desire to create unique and visually stunning cakes.