The Incredible Edible Oasis: Unbelievable Pool Cake Creation | A Taste of How To Cake It


In a recent video by Yolanda Gampp, a renowned pastry artist, she created an astonishing cake that resembles a swimming pool. The video, titled "Swimming Pool... CAKE?!" showcases Gampp's incredible talent and creativity when it comes to cake design.

The video begins with Gampp sharing her excitement about the upcoming cake project. She explains that she has always wanted to create a cake that resembles a swimming pool, complete with water and floating accessories. Gampp is known for her elaborate cake designs, but this one takes things to a whole new level.

She starts by baking several layers of cake in different flavors, including chocolate and vanilla.


Once the cakes are baked and cooled, Gampp carefully levels and stacks them to create the shape of a swimming pool. She then carves out a section of the cake to make room for the water, which will be made from a blue gelatin mixture.

Gampp prepares the gelatin mixture, allowing it to cool slightly before pouring it into the carved-out section of the cake. She explains that this process requires precision to ensure that the gelatin sets evenly and doesn't spill over the edges of the pool. Gampp then places the cake in the refrigerator to allow the gelatin to set completely.

While waiting for the gelatin to set, Gampp starts working on creating various accessories for the swimming pool cake.


She meticulously sculpts fondant to resemble pool floaties, beach balls, and even a miniature diving board. Gampp's attention to detail is astonishing as she adds vibrant colors and intricate patterns to these edible decorations.

Once the gelatin has fully set, Gampp carefully removes the cake from the refrigerator. She is thrilled with the result, as the gelatin resembles sparkling blue water. Gampp proceeds to decorate the cake by adding sandy beaches made from graham cracker crumbs and placing the fondant accessories around the pool.

The final result is truly a masterpiece. The swimming pool cake looks so realistic that it is hard to believe it is entirely made of cake and edible materials.


Gampp admires her creation, satisfied with the way it turned out.

Overall, Gampp's video showcases her exceptional skills as a cake artist. By transforming something as ordinary as a swimming pool into an extraordinary cake, she proves that anything is possible when it comes to cake design. Her creativity and attention to detail are truly awe-inspiring, leaving viewers in awe of her talent.