Ultimate Speed Showdown: Hot Wheels X Super Mario Bros. Turbo Edition!


Hot Wheels is launching a special edition track set featuring the iconic Super Mario Bros. characters. The new set, called Track Champions, brings the popular video game characters to life in a thrilling racing experience.

Hot Wheels, known for its collectible toy cars and track systems, has teamed up with Nintendo to create this unique track set. Gamers and racing fans alike can now enjoy the excitement of Mario Kart in the real world.

The Track Champions set includes a track shaped like the iconic Mario Kart logo, complete with twists, turns, and jumps. The set also comes with two motorized karts featuring the beloved Super Mario Bros.


characters, Mario and Yoshi. These karts are designed to race around the track, allowing players to recreate the fast-paced action of the video game.

To enhance the racing experience, the set includes various features inspired by the Super Mario Bros. franchise. There are interactive gates that can be opened and closed as the karts pass through, adding an extra challenge to the race. In addition, there are question mark blocks that can be hit to release coins, just like in the video game. Collecting these coins adds to the overall excitement of the race.

The Track Champions set is not only compatible with other Hot Wheels track systems, but it also integrates with a digital component.


Using a mobile app, players can keep track of their race times and compete with friends for the fastest lap times. This interactive element adds a competitive edge and encourages players to improve their racing skills.

The collaboration between Hot Wheels and Nintendo is a perfect match, as both brands have a long history of creating fun and engaging experiences for their fans. By bringing the Super Mario Bros. characters into the world of Hot Wheels, they are able to tap into the nostalgia and excitement of the iconic video game franchise.

The Track Champions set also caters to collectors, as it features special edition packaging and unique artwork showcasing the iconic characters.


This makes it a must-have item for both fans of Hot Wheels and Super Mario Bros.

Overall, the special edition Super Mario Bros. Track Champions set from Hot Wheels is a thrilling combination of the classic video game franchise and the beloved toy car brand. With its exciting track design, interactive features, and digital component, it offers endless entertainment for gamers and racing enthusiasts alike.