Creamy Caramel Milk Chocolate Cake [Indulge in Colossal Flavor]: Joconde's Online Class Teaser!


Caramel Milk Chocolate Cream Cake [A Taste of Colosseum] is a video sample of Joconde's Online class. The Joconde's Online class is a platform where people can learn various culinary skills and techniques from the comfort of their own homes. In this sample video, the instructor teaches viewers how to make a delicious caramel milk chocolate cream cake.

The video begins with the instructor introducing the recipe and the ingredients required. He explains that the cake is made up of three main components - the Joconde sponge, the caramel milk chocolate cream, and the caramel mirror glaze.

The process of making the Joconde sponge is demonstrated step by step.


The instructor explains that the sponge is made by combining eggs, sugar, almond flour, and cake flour. The mixture is then spread onto a baking sheet and baked until golden brown. Once cooled, the sponge is cut into rectangles which will be used as the base for the cake.

Next, the instructor moves on to making the caramel milk chocolate cream. He starts by caramelizing sugar and then adds in butter and cream to create a rich caramel sauce. To this, he adds milk chocolate and whips the mixture until smooth and creamy. The cream is then chilled in the refrigerator for a few hours to set.

Once the caramel milk chocolate cream is ready, the instructor assembles the cake.


He takes one rectangle of Joconde sponge and spreads a layer of cream on top. Another layer of sponge is placed on top and another layer of cream is added. This process is repeated until all the sponge and cream is used. The cake is then chilled in the refrigerator for a few more hours to set.

Finally, the instructor demonstrates how to make the caramel mirror glaze. He combines sugar, water, and glucose syrup in a pan and heats it until it reaches a temperature of 121 degrees Celsius. The glaze is then poured over the chilled cake, creating a glossy caramel coating.

The video concludes with the instructor presenting the finished cake, a masterpiece of caramel milk chocolate goodness.


He encourages viewers to sign up for Joconde's Online class to learn more about this and other delicious recipes.

In summary, the video is a sample of Joconde's Online class that teaches viewers how to make a mouthwatering caramel milk chocolate cream cake. The instructor demonstrates the process of making the Joconde sponge, caramel milk chocolate cream, and caramel mirror glaze, and explains each step in detail. The result is a decadent cake that will surely impress any dessert lover.