How to quickly repair holes in concrete?


The article provides a quick and effective solution for repairing holes in concrete using Watco Flowpatch. Concrete surfaces are prone to developing cracks and holes over time due to various reasons like heavy usage, weather conditions, and regular wear and tear. These holes not only affect the appearance but also pose safety hazards.

Watco Flowpatch is presented as an ideal solution for repairing such concrete holes quickly. The product is a fast-setting self-leveling compound that can be used for both indoor and outdoor repairs. It is designed to fill holes and cracks up to 2 inches deep.

The article emphasizes the simplicity and convenience of using Watco Flowpatch. First, the damaged area should be cleaned and any loose debris should be removed. The Flowpatch mixture should then be prepared by adding water and mixing it until a smooth consistency is achieved. This mixture is then poured into the hole or crack and leveled using a trowel. The compound has a quick drying time of only 2 hours before it can be walked on and 8 hours before heavy loads can be applied.


The article further highlights the benefits of Watco Flowpatch, which include its durability and long-lasting performance. It is resistant to harsh chemicals, water, and heavy traffic, ensuring a lasting repair. Additionally, the product does not shrink or crack, providing a seamless finish.

In conclusion, Watco Flowpatch is recommended as an effective and convenient solution for repairing holes and cracks in concrete. With its fast-setting formula and durability, it offers a reliable repair option for both indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces.