DOOR REPAIR | How to fix cracks on interior doors?


If you are dealing with cracks on your interior doors, there are several steps you can follow to fix them. Cracks can occur due to various reasons, such as temperature changes or aging of the door. By addressing cracks promptly, you can prevent further damage and maintain the visual appeal of your doors.

To start, gather the necessary materials, including wood filler, a putty knife, sandpaper, and paint or stain that matches your door's finish. Begin the repair process by cleaning the area around the crack to remove any dust or debris. Then, use a putty knife to apply wood filler to the crack, ensuring that it is completely filled. Allow the wood filler to dry as per the instructions provided.


Once the filler is dry, use sandpaper to smooth the surface, ensuring it is even with the rest of the door. Getting a smooth finish is essential for a seamless repair. After sanding, wipe away any dust with a clean cloth.

Next, it's time to apply paint or stain to match the rest of the door. Use a small paintbrush or a sponge brush to carefully apply the paint or stain. Allow it to dry completely before assessing the final result.

It is worth noting that for doors with more extensive damage, such as larger cracks or structural issues, it may be necessary to seek professional help or consider replacing the door altogether.

In conclusion, fixing cracks on interior doors involves cleaning the area, applying wood filler, sanding, and finally, painting or staining the door. By following these steps, you can restore the appearance of your doors and ensure their longevity.