Time-Lapse of a Neo Traditional Plague Doctor Tattoo: A Mesmerizing Ink Journey


This article provides a timelapse video of a Neo Traditional Tattoo depicting a Plague Doctor. The tattoo design is inspired by the historical figure of a Plague Doctor and is executed in a Neo Traditional style.

The timelapse video showcases the entire process of creating the tattoo from start to finish. The artist begins by sketching the design on the client's skin using a stencil. The design features a Plague Doctor wearing a long black cloak, a wide-brimmed hat, and a beak-like mask. The Plague Doctor is depicted holding a lantern and a staff.

Next, the artist starts tattooing the outline of the design using a tattoo machine.


The artist uses bold lines and vibrant colors, which are characteristic of the Neo Traditional style. The tattoo machine buzzes as it creates intricate details and shading on the skin.

As the tattoo progresses, the artist fills in the larger areas with solid blocks of color. The artist carefully selects colors that enhance the overall composition and add depth to the tattoo. The vibrant hues bring the Plague Doctor to life, making him stand out against the dark background.

Throughout the process, the artist pays close attention to the client's comfort and safety. The artist frequently cleans the tattooed area and ensures that all equipment is properly sterilized.


This demonstrates the artist's professionalism and commitment to maintaining a hygienic environment.

The timelapse video also highlights the artist's skill and precision. The artist's steady hand and attention to detail are evident in the clean lines and smooth shading. The tattoo slowly takes shape and becomes a captivating piece of art on the client's skin.

In conclusion, this timelapse video showcases the creation of a Neo Traditional tattoo featuring a Plague Doctor. The artist's technique, use of color, and attention to detail are commendable. The final result is a stunning tattoo that captures the essence of the Plague Doctor and exemplifies the beauty of the Neo Traditional style.