How To Fix A Sagging And Rubbing Door That Won't Close! 5 Tips & Tricks That Works! DIY Tutorial!


This article provides a DIY tutorial on how to fix a sagging and rubbing door that won't close properly. It offers five tips and tricks that have proven to be effective.

A sagging and rubbing door can be a frustrating problem, making it difficult to open and close smoothly. However, with a few simple techniques, you can solve this issue on your own without the need for professional help.

The first tip is to check the hinges. Over time, hinges can become loose or bent, causing the door to sag. To fix this, remove the screws from the top and bottom hinges, insert wooden toothpicks into the screw holes, and then reattach the hinges.


The toothpicks act as a filler, tightening the grip of the screws and providing additional support to the door.

The second tip involves examining the strike plate. Sometimes, the misalignment of the strike plate can cause the door to rub against it, preventing it from closing properly. You can simply adjust the strike plate by loosening the screws, shifting it slightly, and tightening the screws back in place. This realignment can create enough space for the door to close smoothly.

The third tip focuses on sanding and planing the door.


If the door is rubbing against the frame, you can use sandpaper to sand down the affected areas. Additionally, using a hand planer, you can gently shave off small increments of the door to ensure an even fit within the frame. This process may require patience and precision, but it will result in a properly closing door.

The fourth tip involves using shims to adjust the door frame. By placing thin wedges or shims underneath the frame, you can slightly lift it and correct the sagging issue. Start by removing the door from the hinges and placing the shims underneath the low side of the frame. Gradually add or remove shims until the door hangs evenly before reattaching it.


Lastly, one can employ the help of a hinge shim to fix a sagging and rubbing door. A hinge shim is a thin piece of metal or plastic that fits between the hinge and the door frame, aligning the door correctly. By removing the hinge pin, sliding the shim into place, and replacing the pin, you can rectify the sagging and rubbing issue.

These five tips and tricks provide effective solutions to fix a sagging and rubbing door that won't close properly. By addressing issues with hinges, strike plates, sanding, planing, and using shims, you can easily resolve this problem on your own, saving time and money. By following this DIY tutorial, you can ensure that your door will close smoothly and function properly once again.