Unveiling the Minecraft-inspired Hot Wheels: Discover the Character Car Series!


Hot Wheels has recently unveiled a new collaboration with the popular game Minecraft. This collaboration brings the Minecraft characters to life in the form of collectible toy cars. The new Hot Wheels Minecraft Character Car Series features four unique cars, each representing a different character from the game.

The first car in the series is the iconic Minecraft Steve. It is a blue car with pixelated graphics on the exterior, resembling the in-game character. The second car is Creeper, known for its green and black colors. The third car is Enderman, which is black with purple accents, just like its virtual counterpart. And finally, there is the Zombie car, which features a dark green color and creepy details.


Each car comes in its own special packaging, featuring artwork from the game. The packaging also includes a short description of the character and its abilities in Minecraft. This makes it a unique collectible for both Hot Wheels and Minecraft enthusiasts.

Hot Wheels has a long history of collaborating with popular franchises and bringing their characters to life in the form of toy cars. This collaboration with Minecraft is no exception. With the Minecraft Character Car Series, fans of the game can now collect and play with their favorite characters in real life.

The Hot Wheels Minecraft Character Car Series is set to be released in November 2021. It will be available at select retailers and online stores. Whether you're a fan of Minecraft or a Hot Wheels collector, this collaboration is sure to be a hit. So, get ready to unbox and play with your favorite Minecraft characters in the form of Hot Wheels cars.