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Hot Wheels Labs has introduced a new project called Super Sizes, which aims to bring oversized Hot Wheels toy cars to life. The project utilizes augmented reality (AR) technology to create a unique and immersive experience for Hot Wheels enthusiasts.

The Super Sizes project allows users to explore and interact with larger-than-life versions of their favorite Hot Wheels cars. Through the use of AR, users can see the cars in their physical environment, enabling them to play, race, and even crash the virtual vehicles.

Hot Wheels Labs has collaborated with various artists to create these virtual cars, giving them a distinctive and artistic touch. Each car has been meticulously designed to maintain the essence and characteristics of the iconic Hot Wheels brand, while adding a fresh and imaginative twist.


To bring these cars to life, Hot Wheels Labs has developed an app that users can download on their smartphones or tablets. Once the app is installed, users can use their device's camera to scan a special QR code, which will then place the virtual car in their real-world surroundings.

The app not only allows users to interact with the cars but also offers a variety of features to enhance the experience. This includes the ability to customize the cars with different colors and designs, as well as engaging in race challenges and competitions with other users.

Hot Wheels Labs believes that the Super Sizes project will not only provide entertainment but also promote creativity and imagination among users of all ages. The project aims to encourage users to create their own stories and scenarios using the virtual cars, enhancing their cognitive and problem-solving skills.


The Super Sizes project is part of Hot Wheels Labs' ongoing efforts to integrate technology into their products to engage and captivate their audience. By fusing physical toys with digital enhancements, Hot Wheels Labs is creating a new dimension of play that promises to revolutionize the toy industry.

Hot Wheels Labs is confident that Super Sizes will be a game-changer in the world of toy cars, attracting both Hot Wheels enthusiasts and newcomers alike. The augmented reality experience offered by the project brings an element of novelty and excitement, offering a fresh and innovative way to play with Hot Wheels. With Super Sizes, Hot Wheels Labs is setting the stage for the future of toy car play, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what they have in store next.