How I upgraded my garage floor (HUGE Difference)


In a recently published article, the author shares their experience of upgrading their garage floor and the significant difference it made. The transformation of the garage floor was a major project and the author was thrilled with the outcome. The article highlights the step-by-step process of the upgrade, providing readers with a clear understanding of the project.

The author begins by explaining their motivation for renovating their garage floor. They were dissatisfied with the existing flooring which was cracked and stained, making it unattractive and impractical. The author wanted a clean, smooth, and visually appealing garage floor that would also be more durable and resistant to stains.


The article then delves into the details of the upgrade process. The author decided to use a professional epoxy coating, which is known for its durability and aesthetic appeal. They provide a comprehensive explanation of the steps involved in applying the epoxy coating, including surface preparation, mixing the epoxy, and applying it to the floor. The author also emphasizes the importance of following safety precautions and properly ventilating the area during the process.

The author concludes the article by expressing their satisfaction with the outcome. The new garage floor exceeded their expectations, providing a clean and polished look to the space. They also mention the increase in durability and ease of cleaning that the epoxy coating has provided.

Overall, the article serves as a guide and inspiration for those looking to upgrade their garage floors. The author's positive experience and the significant difference in appearance and functionality demonstrate the value of investing in this type of renovation.