Polygon Mastery: A Step-by-Step Guide to Perfecting Your Line Work Skills


This article, titled "Back To Basics | Line Work Tutorial | Week 3 - Polygon Drills," focuses on providing a tutorial on improving line work skills by practicing polygon drills. The main idea of the article is to emphasize the importance of revisiting fundamental techniques and practicing polygonal shapes to develop better line work.

The author begins by emphasizing the significance of line work as the foundation of any drawing. They highlight the common mistake made by many artists, who often neglect practicing basic shapes like polygons, and instead jump straight into complex and detailed art pieces.


The article argues that revisiting and refining basic skills can greatly enhance an artist's overall drawing abilities.

The tutorial specifically focuses on the concept of polygon drills, which involve repeatedly drawing different types of polygons with straight lines. By practicing this exercise, artists can improve their precision, consistency, and confidence in their line work. The article provides step-by-step instructions on how to perform these drills, including advice on maintaining a steady hand, using quick and deliberate strokes, and gradually increasing the complexity of the polygons.


The author encourages artists to start with simple polygons like triangles and squares, gradually progressing to more challenging ones such as pentagons and hexagons. They emphasize the importance of patience and consistency in practicing these drills regularly to see noticeable improvement over time.

Additionally, the article suggests exploring different types of polygons, including regular and irregular variations, to further enhance one's line work skills. This variation helps an artist become comfortable with different shapes and angles, leading to more versatile artwork.

The author also recommends experimenting with different drawing tools, such as different types of pens or brushes, to diversify line thickness and texture.


This allows artists to add depth and dimension to their line work, making it more visually appealing.

Finally, the article concludes with a reminder to embrace the back-to-basics approach and to actively incorporate polygon drills into one's regular drawing practice. By doing so, artists can improve their line work, which serves as a crucial foundation for more complex and detailed art pieces.

In summary, this article emphasizes the importance of going back to basics and practicing fundamental techniques to enhance line work skills. It provides a step-by-step tutorial on polygon drills, highlighting the significance of precision, consistency, and patience in improving one's drawing abilities. By regularly engaging in these exercises and exploring different types of polygons, artists can achieve more versatile and visually appealing line work.