MASSIVE Oreo Cookie Delight Cake! | Tutorial on Baking the Ultimate Cookie Lover's Dream


The article discusses a YouTube video titled "GIANT OH HENRY CHOCOLATE BAR CAKE! | How to Cake It," which provides instructions on how to create a massive cake in the shape of an Oh Henry chocolate bar.

The video, hosted by a baker named Yolanda, takes viewers through the step-by-step process of making this extravagant dessert. Yolanda begins by baking several layers of chocolate cake, which will serve as the foundation for the cake bar. She then creates a peanut butter filling by combining peanut butter, powdered sugar, and butter.

Once the cake layers have cooled, Yolanda proceeds to assemble the cake by spreading the peanut butter filling between each layer.


To achieve the authentic appearance of an Oh Henry chocolate bar, Yolanda covers the cake in a chocolate ganache, which she smooths and textures using a spatula. The final touch is the addition of chopped peanuts, which are scattered over the top of the cake.

Throughout the video, Yolanda shares helpful tips and tricks for achieving a professional-looking cake. She emphasizes the importance of using a scale to measure ingredients accurately and provides guidance on properly leveling and trimming cake layers.

Additionally, Yolanda demonstrates how to create a realistic Oh Henry wrapper using fondant.


She rolls out the fondant and cuts it into the desired shape before carefully wrapping it around the cake. She then adds small details, such as the brand logo and nutritional information, using edible food markers.

Finally, Yolanda showcases the finished cake, highlighting its impressive size and resemblance to an actual Oh Henry chocolate bar. She encourages viewers to attempt recreating the cake at home, reminding them that practice is the key to perfecting their baking skills.

In conclusion, the video "GIANT OH HENRY CHOCOLATE BAR CAKE! | How to Cake It" provides a comprehensive guide on making a massive cake in the shape of an Oh Henry chocolate bar. Yolanda's detailed instructions and helpful tips make it possible for viewers to recreate this elaborate dessert at home. With a little practice, anyone can achieve professional-looking results and impress their friends and family with this decadent treat.