Mayhem at the Auto Spa! | Hot Wheels City: Season 2 | Episode 6 | @HotWheels


In the latest episode of Hot Wheels City: Season 2, titled "Chaos at the Car Washes," viewers are taken on an exciting adventure filled with thrilling car races and unexpected twists. The episode revolves around the car washes in Hot Wheels City, where chaos ensues and the city's inhabitants find themselves in a frenzy.

As the episode begins, the car washes in Hot Wheels City are introduced as a central hub of activity. Cars from all around the city line up to get their squeaky-clean shine. However, chaos quickly breaks loose when a malfunction causes the car washes to go haywire.

The car washes, which were once known for their efficiency and speed, become overzealous and begin trapping cars inside. Panic spreads throughout the city, and the brave characters of Hot Wheels City must step in to save the day.