What do you think is a reasonable salary? An assistant earns $120 in the USA!


According to an article, it is considered reasonable to earn $120 as an assistant in the United States. The article discusses the wage of an assistant and questions the notion of what is considered a reasonable salary. It implies that earning $120 is a fair wage for an assistant in the country.

The article highlights the fact that an assistant in the United States can earn a wage of $120, which is seen as reasonable. It suggests that this is a common wage for assistants in the country and implies that it is a fair amount for the work they do.


However, the article does not provide detailed information about the specific duties or qualifications of these assistants. It simply states that they earn $120, which is presented as a reasonable salary.

The title of the article asks the readers what they think is reasonable to earn and then presents the figure of $120 as the wage of an assistant in the United States. It suggests that this amount is the standard or norm for assistants in the country and invites the readers to consider whether they find it reasonable or not.

Overall, the article focuses on the topic of salaries for assistants in the United States and presents the idea that earning $120 is considered reasonable in this role. However, it does not provide much context or detail about the specific factors that determine this wage.