Wrestling Ink Uncovered: Tattoo Artists Analyze WWE Superstars' Bold Body Art Choices


In this video from the YouTube channel, Inked, tattoo artists were asked to share their thoughts on the tattoos of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) superstars. The tattoo artists featured in the video examined a series of images showcasing the body artwork of various WWE wrestlers and provided their professional opinions on them.

The first tattoo that the artists discussed belonged to Seth Rollins, who has several tattoos on his arms and back. The tattoo artists praised Rollins' tattoos for their overall coherence and technical execution. They particularly appreciated the use of shading and overall design in his artwork.


They also pointed out that his tattoos seem to have a strong personal meaning to him, as they represent his journey as a wrestler.

Next was Roman Reigns, known for his unique Samoan-inspired tribal tattoos. The artists admired the boldness and intricacy of his tattoos, expressing their admiration for the precision and dark shading used. They believed that these tattoos truly enhanced Reigns' overall appearance.

The tattoo artists then examined the various tattoos of Randy Orton, who has a large number of tattoos covering different parts of his body. They praised the quality and detail of Orton's tattoos, appreciating the variety of styles and techniques used.


They noted that his tattoos seemed to have a lot of personal stories behind them, making them more meaningful and visually interesting.

In addition, the artists analyzed the sleeve tattoos of Dean Ambrose, who has carefully designed and vibrant tattoos on both of his arms. They commended the unique style and color schemes used in his artwork. They praised how these bold and colorful tattoos truly complement Ambrose's overall personality and wrestling persona.

The final wrestler featured was Bray Wyatt, known for his dark and mysterious character. The tattoo artists emphasized how the tattoos on Wyatt's upper body perfectly capture his character's persona.


They admired the intricate details and symbols used, as well as the dark and gothic aesthetic that matches his wrestling persona.

Throughout the video, the tattoo artists repeatedly praised the WWE wrestlers' tattoos for their overall quality, creativity, and personal meaning. They highlighted the importance of getting tattoos that mean something to the individual and reflect their personality. The artists agreed that tattoos are a form of self-expression and can greatly enhance a person's appearance.

In conclusion, this video showcased the opinions of tattoo artists on the body artwork of various WWE wrestlers. The artists appreciated the technical excellence, personal meaning, and aesthetic appeal of these tattoos, and emphasized the importance of tattoos as a means of self-expression.