Master The Art of Baking a Mouthwatering Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cone Cake


The article discusses a tutorial video by Yolanda Gampp, where she demonstrates how to create a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone using cake. The video is part of her series called "How To Cake It", where she shares her expertise and provides step-by-step instructions on creating unique and creative cakes.

In this particular video, Gampp starts by explaining the necessary ingredients and tools needed for the cake creation. The ingredients include butter, sugar, eggs, flour, cocoa powder, milk, and mint extract. Additionally, she uses green and white food coloring to give the cake a minty appearance.


For the decoration, she uses buttercream frosting, chocolate chips, and ice cream cones.

Gampp then proceeds to demonstrate the baking process. She combines the ingredients using an electric mixer, ensuring they are well-mixed and forming a smooth batter. To achieve the mint flavor, she adds mint extract and green food coloring. The batter is then poured into cake molds and baked until they are fully cooked and have a spongy texture.

Once the cakes have cooled down, Gampp begins the assembly process. She cuts off the rounded tops of the cakes to create a flat surface. Next, she stacks and layers the cakes, spreading buttercream frosting in between each layer to hold them together.


This creates a layered cake with a mint green center.

To give the cake the appearance of an ice cream cone, Gampp uses a cone-shaped mold to shape the buttercream frosting into a cone. She then places the cone-shaped frosting on top of the layered cake, creating a seamless transition from cake to "cone." Finally, she decorates the cake by adding more buttercream frosting on top, creating a scoop of mint chocolate chip "ice cream." She finishes off the decoration by sprinkling chocolate chips on the frosting, mimicking the texture of real ice cream.

The end result is a visually appealing and delicious mint chocolate chip ice cream cone made entirely out of cake. Gampp's detailed instructions and creativity make the tutorial easy to follow, allowing viewers to recreate this unique cake at home. The video showcases Gampp's expertise and passion for cake decorating, making it an enjoyable watch for baking enthusiasts.