Poolside Chaos: Octopus Pier Attack Unleashes Hot Wheels Frenzy


Hot Wheels has released an exciting new toy set called Octopus Pier Attack, which is designed for pool play. This toy set includes a large octopus with movable tentacles, a launching platform, and two Hot Wheels cars.

The octopus is the main feature of the set, as its tentacles can be used to grab and attack the cars. The tentacles can be controlled by turning a knob on the back of the octopus, allowing kids to create exciting and unpredictable action. The launching platform adds another level of fun, as kids can launch their cars into the air and try to avoid being caught by the octopus.

The set is designed for pool play, making it perfect for hot summer days.


The octopus and cars can float in water, adding to the excitement and allowing for creative play. The set also comes with a convenient bag for easy storage and transportation.

Overall, the Hot Wheels Octopus Pier Attack is a thrilling toy set that will provide hours of fun for kids. It combines the excitement of Hot Wheels cars with the thrill of a giant octopus attack, making it a unique and entertaining addition to any pool or water play.