Tattoo Artists Analyze Inked Masterpieces of Jeffree Star, PewDiePie, and Popular YouTubers | Honest Reactions


In a recent video by the YouTube series "Tattoo Artists React," tattoo professionals examined and critiqued the tattoos of popular YouTubers such as Jeffree Star and PewDiePie. The video provided an entertaining and insightful look into the world of celebrity tattoos.

The video began by featuring Jeffree Star, a prominent beauty influencer known for his extravagant lifestyle. The tattoo artists initially praised Star's colorful and vibrant tattoos, noting that they suited his bold personality. However, they also highlighted some questionable choices, such as a tattoo of a Chanel perfume bottle, which they felt was unnecessary and lacked originality.


The next YouTuber to be critiqued was PewDiePie, one of the biggest creators on the platform. The tattoo artists discussed his prominent arm tattoo, a rendering of his late dog. They appreciated the sentimental value behind the tattoo but expressed concerns about the overall design, including its lack of creativity. They believed that PewDiePie could have opted for a more unique tattoo, given his significant following and resources.

The video also featured other YouTubers, including Jake Paul, FaZe Banks, and David Dobrik. The tattoo artists provided their expert opinions on the quality and creativity of their tattoos.


They praised Jake Paul's skull tattoo, noting its intricate details and solid execution. FaZe Banks received positive feedback on his realistic portrait tattoo, which demonstrated the artist's technical skill.

David Dobrik's minimalist tattoos and meaningful symbols were also discussed. The tattoo artists appreciated the simplicity and personal significance of his ink. They deemed his tattoos appropriate and reflective of his persona.

Throughout the video, the tattoo artists emphasized the importance of thoughtful decision-making when getting inked, regardless of fame or wealth. They encouraged individuals to take time to choose designs that reflect their personalities and hold personal significance.


They also advocated for seeking out skilled tattoo artists who can execute the design effectively.

The video concluded by affirming that tattoos are personal expressions of oneself, and while some choices may not resonate with everyone, it is crucial to respect each individual's decision. They emphasized that tattoos should be a source of pride and meaning for the person wearing them.

In conclusion, "Tattoo Artists React" offered a unique perspective on the tattoos of popular YouTubers. The series allowed viewers to see the opinions and expertise of tattoo professionals, providing insight and entertainment in the process. The video highlighted the importance of thoughtful decisions and skilled artists when it comes to getting tattooed, ultimately emphasizing that tattoos should be meaningful expressions of oneself.