Battle of the Ink Masters: Tattoo Artists React to Who Created the Ultimate Masterpiece


The article "Who Tattooed It Better Part 2 | Tattoo Artists React" discusses a popular YouTube series called "Who Tattooed It Better" in which professional tattoo artists critique and compare tattoos done by different tattooers. The video mentioned in the article is the second part of this series, where three tattoo artists react to various tattoo designs.

The video begins with the host explaining the concept of the series, which is to present two identical tattoos done by different artists and have them rated by professionals. The first tattoo shown is a simple black and gray rose design. The artists react positively to the first tattoo, praising the shading and the precision of the lines.


However, they note that the second tattoo lacks the same level of detail and craftsmanship, making it the inferior of the two.

Next, the artists are presented with a geometric tattoo design, featuring intricate patterns and shapes. The tattoo artists express their admiration for the complexity and precision of both tattoos. They appreciate the skill required to create such detailed designs and agree that both tattoos are well done.

Moving on, the video showcases a traditional Japanese tattoo design, also known as Irezumi. The artists are impressed by the first tattoo's vibrant colors and clean lines, stating that it accurately represents the traditional style.


In contrast, they criticize the second tattoo for its poor execution, uneven lines, and lack of shading.

The fourth tattoo presented is a large black and gray portrait tattoo. The artists are in awe of the first tattoo, praising the artist's ability to capture the likeness of the subject and the skillful shading that brings the tattoo to life. However, they express disappointment with the second tattoo, noting lack of attention to detail and poor shading, resulting in a lackluster representation of the subject.

Lastly, a traditional Maori tattoo design is showcased. The tattoo artists admire the detail and precision of the first tattoo, stating that it follows the traditional Maori style accurately.


On the other hand, they criticize the second tattoo for its sloppy lines and lack of consistent patterns, ultimately deeming it the inferior tattoo.

In conclusion, the "Who Tattooed It Better Part 2" video features tattoo artists reacting and critiquing various tattoo designs. The professionals analyze the level of skill, precision, and creativity exhibited by different artists. While some tattoos receive praise for their stunning execution, others are deemed subpar due to lack of attention to detail or poor technique. This video serves as a platform for tattoo enthusiasts and artists to learn from each other and appreciate the artistry and talent within the tattoo industry.