Epic Dino Rampage | Hot Wheels City | @HotWheels


Hot Wheels City, in partnership with @HotWheels, brings you an exciting new adventure called "Ultimate Dino Demolition." This thrilling event takes place in Hot Wheels City, where a team of fearless drivers embarks on a mission to take down a colossal dinosaur that is threatening the city's safety.

The Ultimate Dino Demolition is an adrenaline-filled experience that brings together the world of Hot Wheels and the prehistoric era. The main objective of the mission is to use Hot Wheels cars and accessories to outsmart and defeat the massive dinosaur.

Hot Wheels City is a dynamic environment with multiple levels, ramps, and obstacles, making it the perfect playground for high-speed car battles.


The fearless drivers must strategize and work together to launch their cars at the giant dinosaur, targeting its weak spots to bring it down.

The Hot Wheels team has devised an ingenious plan to defeat the dinosaur. They use powerful launchers and ramps to propel their cars at high speeds towards the creature. Each car is equipped with unique features and abilities to help in the battle. Some cars have super-speed boosters, while others have powerful weapons to fight off the dinosaur's attacks.

As the team races against time, they must avoid the dinosaur's fierce claws and stomping feet. The dinosaur unleashes its fury, attempting to crush the small but mighty cars.


However, the fearless drivers have a range of tactics up their sleeves. They collaborate, strategize, and execute their moves with precision, ultimately aiming to defeat the colossal creature.

The Ultimate Dino Demolition is not just about the excitement of high-speed car battles. It also teaches important lessons about teamwork, courage, and resourcefulness. The drivers must work together, communicate effectively, and make split-second decisions to succeed in their mission. Their resilience and determination serve as an inspiration for young fans watching the action-packed adventure.

Hot Wheels City: Ultimate Dino Demolition is a must-watch event for all Hot Wheels enthusiasts and dinosaur lovers.


The combination of speedy cars, thrilling stunts, and a colossal dinosaur creates a spectacle that captivates audiences of all ages. It showcases the power of imagination and the limitless possibilities that Hot Wheels toys offer.

So get ready for an epic adventure as Hot Wheels City and @HotWheels present Ultimate Dino Demolition. Prepare yourself for heart-pounding action, jaw-dropping stunts, and an unforgettable battle against a massive dinosaur. Will the brave drivers succeed in defeating the colossal creature and save Hot Wheels City? Tune in and find out!