Whisking Up a Perfect Princess Cake: A Swedish Recipe by Cooking Tree


The article titled "Swedish Princess Cake Recipe" discusses the process of making a traditional Swedish dessert known as Princess Cake. The recipe is presented in a video format by the YouTube channel Cooking tree.

The article highlights that Princess Cake is a popular treat in Sweden, especially during birthdays and special occasions. It is characterized by its vibrant green dome-shaped appearance, made from a sponge cake base, filled with custard and whipped cream, and covered in marzipan. The cake is often garnished with powdered sugar and a decorative marzipan rose on top.

The video tutorial walks viewers through the step-by-step process of making the cake, providing a visual guide for each stage. It starts with the preparation of the sponge cake, followed by the custard and whipped cream fillings. The article emphasizes that the use of fresh, high-quality ingredients is crucial for a delicious result.


The Cooking tree channel, known for its easy-to-follow recipes and visually appealing presentation style, ensures that even beginners can successfully recreate this Swedish delicacy. The article adds that the Princess Cake recipe is a wonderful way to experiment with different flavors and decorations, allowing individuals to personalize their creations.

In conclusion, the article presents a tutorial on making a Swedish dessert called Princess Cake, providing instructions from the YouTube channel Cooking tree. The recipe includes a sponge cake base, custard and whipped cream fillings, and a marzipan covering. This versatile recipe can be enjoyed for various celebrations or personalized for individual tastes.