Tattoo Artists Weigh In on Blackout Tattoos: Love It or Leave It?


Blackout tattoos have been gaining popularity in recent years, causing quite a stir among tattoo enthusiasts and artists alike. Tattoo artists have been reacting to this trend, offering their thoughts and opinions on the matter.

Blackout tattoos, as the name suggests, involve covering a large area of the body with solid black ink, effectively "blacking out" the skin. This contrasts with traditional tattoos, which usually consist of various colors and designs.

Opinions on blackout tattoos vary among tattoo artists. Some embrace the trend, viewing it as a form of artistic expression and a unique way for individuals to make a bold statement. They appreciate the dedication required to undergo the pain and commitment of such an extensive tattoo. These artists see the appeal of the monochromatic aesthetic and the clean lines that blackout tattoos offer.