Delightful Summer Sweets: Watermelon-inspired Dessert Platter with Sugar Cookies and Chocolate Bark


This article discusses a delightful dessert platter idea that is perfect for the summer season - a watermelon-themed platter consisting of sugar cookies and chocolate bark. The article provides a tutorial on how to create this unique and visually appealing dessert.

The concept of a watermelon dessert platter is introduced as a refreshing and fun option for summer gatherings or parties. The author suggests combining two popular treats, sugar cookies, and chocolate bark, to create a vibrant and delicious display.

The article then proceeds to outline the step-by-step process of making the watermelon-themed sugar cookies.


The author describes how to mix the cookie dough using butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, and flour. The dough is divided into two portions, one colored with green food coloring to represent the watermelon rind, and the other left plain for the watermelon flesh. The two dough portions are shaped and assembled together to mimic a watermelon slice. Once baked, the cookies are left to cool.

Next, the article focuses on creating the watermelon-themed chocolate bark. The author explains the ingredients required, such as white chocolate, green food coloring, and mini chocolate chips. The white chocolate is melted and divided, with a portion colored green to mimic the watermelon rind.


The green chocolate is then spread on parchment paper and the plain white chocolate is drizzled over it. Lastly, the mini chocolate chips are sprinkled on top to represent watermelon seeds. The bark is refrigerated until it sets.

Finally, the article demonstrates how to arrange the watermelon sugar cookies and chocolate bark on a platter. The cookies are placed in a circular formation, resembling a watermelon pattern. The chocolate bark is broken into random-shaped pieces and added to the platter, creating an attractive and appetizing display.

Overall, this article highlights a unique and creative dessert idea for the summer season - a watermelon-themed dessert platter featuring sugar cookies and chocolate bark. By offering a detailed tutorial, the author allows readers to easily recreate this visually appealing and delicious treat for their summer gatherings or parties.