Baking up Enormous Chocolate Chip Cookies | Decadent Treats with Yolanda Gampp


Yolanda Gampp, the talented baker and host of the popular online show "How to Cake It," has once again delighted her viewers with her latest creation - GIANT CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. In her latest episode, Gampp showcased her skills by creating a mouthwatering CCC dessert platter.

In the episode, Gampp starts by mixing up a batch of cookie dough using her signature recipe. She then skillfully rolls the dough into large, thick discs and places them onto baking sheets. These cookies, as the name suggests, are truly giant in size, making them all the more enticing.

As the cookies bake in the oven, Gampp prepares a variety of toppings and fillings for her dessert platter.


She whips up a batch of vanilla buttercream and divides it into three portions. To give her cookies a delicious twist, she adds chocolate chips to one portion, peanut butter to another, and Nutella to the third.

Once the cookies are baked to golden perfection, Gampp skillfully pipes the flavored buttercream onto each cookie, creating a beautiful and appetizing texture. She then generously sprinkles additional chocolate chips, crushed peanuts, and hazelnuts on top, enhancing the flavors and adding a delightful crunch.

The final touch to Gampp's CCC dessert platter is a drizzle of chocolate ganache over the entire platter, giving it an irresistibly decadent and mouthwatering appearance.


The combination of the warm, freshly baked cookies, the creamy and flavorful buttercream, and the rich chocolate ganache is a treat for both the eyes and taste buds.

Throughout the episode, Gampp shares her expert tips and techniques, teaching her viewers how to recreate the GIANT CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES and CCC dessert platter at home. She emphasizes the importance of using quality ingredients, properly measuring out the dough, and paying attention to baking time and temperature.

Yolanda Gampp's creation of GIANT CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES +| CCC dessert platter exemplifies her passion for pushing the boundaries of traditional baking and her talent for creating visually stunning and delicious treats.


Her step-by-step instructions and attention to detail make it accessible for anyone to try their hand at making these mouthwatering cookies at home.

By incorporating her unique twists, such as adding flavored buttercream and a drizzle of chocolate ganache, Gampp elevates the classic chocolate chip cookie to a whole new level. Whether it's for a special occasion or simply to satisfy a craving, this CCC dessert platter is sure to impress and satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth.