Jumbo Back-to-School Desserts: Crafting Scrumptious Pencil and Eraser Cakes with Yolanda Gampp


In this article, we will be discussing a creative and delicious baking tutorial by Yolanda Gampp, who runs the YouTube channel "How to Cake It". The video tutorial shows how to make giant pencil and eraser cakes, perfect for back-to-school celebrations.

Yolanda Gampp, an expert cake artist, provides step-by-step instructions on how to create these impressive and realistic cakes. The process involves making the cake bases, carving them into the shape of a pencil and an eraser, and then covering them with fondant to achieve a smooth finish.

To begin, Gampp bakes two rectangular cakes, one vanilla-flavored for the pencil and one chocolate-flavored for the eraser.


She then layers and stacks the cakes using buttercream frosting to create a sturdy base. Gampp advises using a template to accurately shape the cakes, ensuring they resemble a real pencil and eraser.

After the cakes are assembled, Gampp skillfully carves them into the desired shapes. She uses various tools, including a serrated knife, to achieve the realistic contours of a pencil and an eraser. Gampp emphasizes the importance of being patient and taking one's time during this process to obtain the best results.

With the cakes properly shaped, Gampp covers them in fondant. She suggests using a mixture of black and yellow fondant for the pencil to create the iconic look.


Gampp expertly smooths the fondant around the cake, avoiding any wrinkles or air bubbles. The chocolate-flavored eraser cake is covered in a pink fondant to mimic the appearance of a real eraser.

To add the finishing touches, Gampp decorates the pencil with fondant details such as a gold band, an eraser tip, and a wooden texture. She also adds a fondant wrapper around the eraser to make it look more authentic. Throughout the tutorial, Gampp shares useful tips and tricks, including how to achieve vibrant colors and secure the fondant decorations.

The final result is two impressive and scrumptious cakes that resemble a giant pencil and eraser.


These cakes are not only visually appealing but also serve as a perfect treat for back-to-school celebrations. Gampp's tutorial showcases her talent and creativity, inspiring viewers to try their hand at cake decorating.

In conclusion, Yolanda Gampp's video tutorial on "How to Cake It" provides a detailed guide on creating giant pencil and eraser cakes for back-to-school events. The tutorial covers all the necessary steps, from baking the cakes to decorating them with fondant. It is an excellent resource for those interested in exploring the world of cake artistry and impressing their friends and family with unique and delicious creations.