Enchanting Delight: Crafting a Majestic Mushroom Cake - Inspired by Yolanda Gampp


In this episode of "How to Cake It," Yolanda Gampp creates a giant fairy toadstool cake that is both whimsical and enchanting. The cake is shaped like a toadstool, complete with a large stem and a round cap. The main idea behind this cake is to showcase Yolanda's creativity and skill in cake decoration.

To start off, Yolanda bakes several layers of vanilla cake, which she then carves and stacks to form the shape of the toadstool. She uses a serrated knife to ensure smooth edges and even layers. Yolanda then coats the cake with a crumb coat of Italian meringue buttercream, which helps to trap any loose crumbs.


Next, Yolanda covers the cake with a layer of red fondant, which represents the cap of the toadstool. She takes her time to smooth out any wrinkles or air bubbles and uses a fondant smoother for a polished finish. Yolanda adds texture and detail to the cap by using an imprinting tool to create a grid pattern.

For the stem of the toadstool, Yolanda works with brown fondant. She rolls it into a long, thick rope and then wraps it around a sturdy dowel rod to maintain its shape. Yolanda attaches the stem to the cake using some edible glue and ensures it is securely in place.

To add a whimsical touch, Yolanda creates colorful fondant mushrooms to adorn the cake.


She shapes each mushroom cap with different colors of fondant and uses a small ball tool to create spots and texture. Yolanda attaches the mushroom caps to the stem using edible glue and arranges them in a visually appealing manner.

Lastly, Yolanda adds the final details to the cake, such as grass and flowers made out of fondant. She uses green fondant to create blades of grass and different colors of fondant to form small flowers. Yolanda strategically places these decorations around the cake to enhance the overall fairy tale aesthetic.

In conclusion, Yolanda Gampp's giant whimsical fairy toadstool cake is a testament to her artistic abilities and cake decorating skills. The cake is a masterpiece that combines elements of fantasy and creativity, bringing to life the enchanting world of fairies and toadstools. This episode of "How to Cake It" inspires viewers to unleash their imagination and create their own magical cake creations.