Post Malone's Tattoo Journey: When Ink Meets Success and Artistry


Post Malone, the popular American rapper and singer, recently ventured into the world of tattooing. In a YouTube video released by INKED, Malone can be seen learning the art of tattooing from none other than a renowned tattoo artist, Chris Nunez.

The video begins with Malone expressing his passion for tattoos and his desire to learn the craft. He admits to being a huge fan of tattoos and having a growing collection of his own. Malone even reveals that he has tattooed some of his close friends, but he wants to take his skills to the next level and learn from an expert.

Chris Nunez, known for his appearances on the reality TV show "Miami Ink," is more than willing to be Malone's mentor.


He takes the rapper under his wing and guides him through the process of creating a tattoo. Nunez explains the basics of tattooing, such as the types of needles and inks used, as well as the importance of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene during the process.

Malone is seen practicing on a fake skin-like material before attempting to tattoo on a person's leg. Nunez provides constant feedback and guidance, ensuring that Malone develops the necessary skills and techniques. Throughout the video, Malone remains focused and determined, eager to hone his newfound talent.

As Malone begins his first real tattoo on his friend, he admits to feeling nervous but excited.


With Nunez's encouragement, he dives into the process, paying careful attention to the details and ensuring a clean and precise tattoo. Malone's friend is extremely supportive and appreciative of his effort.

The video ends with Malone proudly displaying his finished tattoo, a line drawing of an owl on his friend's leg. Nunez compliments Malone's work and praises his dedication and commitment to learning the art. Malone expresses his gratitude to Nunez for the experience and asserts his plans to continue developing his skills.

Overall, the video highlights Post Malone's journey into the world of tattooing.


It showcases his passion for tattoos and his desire to learn and improve as an artist. With the guidance of Chris Nunez, Malone embarks on a new adventure, gaining valuable knowledge and experience along the way. This behind-the-scenes look at Malone's tattooing process is not only entertaining but also inspiring to those who aspire to pursue their artistic passions.