The Trendiest ASMR Snacks Unveiled: Honeycomb, Aloe Vera, Tanghulu, and Macarons with Stephanie Soo


Stephanie Soo, a popular YouTube vlogger known for her mukbang videos, recently released a video featuring the most popular foods for ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). In the video, Stephanie explores the sounds and textures of various foods to trigger the tingling sensation associated with ASMR.

The first food Stephanie tries is honeycomb, which she describes as one of the most loved ASMR foods due to its crunchy texture. As she bites into the honeycomb, the crackling sound provides a satisfying auditory experience for ASMR enthusiasts.

Next, Stephanie moves on to aloe vera, which she believes is perfect for those who enjoy squishy and slimy sounds.


She demonstrates how pressing and squishing the aloe vera leaf produces a soothing sound that can trigger ASMR.

Tanghulu, a popular Chinese street food consisting of skewered fruits coated in a crunchy sugar glaze, is another ASMR favorite. Stephanie enjoys the crunchiness of the glaze and the sound it produces when bitten into.

Finally, Stephanie explores the macarons, a delicate French pastry. She explains that the soft and crumbly texture of the macarons, along with their sweet flavors, can create a pleasurable ASMR experience.

Stephanie's video provides a glimpse into the world of ASMR, a phenomenon that has gained significant popularity in recent years. By showcasing the most popular ASMR foods, she offers a unique sensory experience to her viewers.