Easy Peasy Chocolate Cake Recipe: Just 2 Ingredients for a Delicious Dessert


This article provides a simple and easy-to-follow recipe for a delicious chocolate cake that only requires two ingredients. The recipe is perfect for those who are short on time or who lack baking skills but still want to enjoy a homemade chocolate cake.

To make this cake, you only need two ingredients: chocolate sandwich cookies and milk. The article suggests using any brand or flavor of sandwich cookies, depending on your preference. The milk can be substituted with any non-dairy alternative if desired.

The first step is to separate the cream filling from the chocolate cookies. This can be done by carefully twisting the cookies apart and scraping off the cream with a spoon.


The filling is set aside for later use, while the chocolate cookies are placed in a ziplock bag and crushed into fine crumbs using a rolling pin or a similar kitchen utensil.

Next, the crushed cookies are mixed with milk in a bowl until well combined. The milk should be added gradually, as the amount needed may vary depending on the cookie's moisture. The mixture should have a thick, pudding-like consistency.

After the mixture is ready, it is transferred to a microwave-safe mug or a microwave-safe dish. The dish is then placed in the microwave and cooked on high for about 90 seconds. The cooking time may vary depending on the microwave's power, so it is recommended to check the cake's progress after 60 seconds to prevent overcooking. The cake is done when it has risen and appears set on top.