The Fiercest Moments of Norm Macdonald: Unleashing Savage Wit in Top 10 Occasions


Norm Macdonald, a renowned comedian known for his sharp wit and dry humor, has left an indelible mark with his savage remarks on various occasions. Here is a compilation of the top ten instances where Norm Macdonald unleashed his savage side.

1. Norm Macdonald on Caitlyn Jenner: During a comedy roast, Macdonald quipped, "I'm not saying that Bruce Jenner is a hero, but he's sure brave, sitting there, stealing all of Liza Minnelli's old face."

2. Insulting the President: Macdonald took a jab at President Clinton during the White House Correspondents' Dinner, saying, "It's ironic that Bill Clinton is being honored tonight because his sex life was anything but presidential.


Sure, he doesn't justify the means, but in Bill Clinton's case, the means was for him to do whatever he wanted at any given time."

3. On Weekend Update: Macdonald's time as the anchor on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update was riddled with savage remarks. He once said, "In a new poll, 80% of the women said they would consider voting for Hillary Clinton. The other 20% will be released from re-education camp shortly."

4. Mocking award shows: At the ESPY Awards, Macdonald humorously exclaimed, "They say that, as a host, I'm the best thing since sliced bread. But, only because, after they had sliced bread, they needed something to compare it to.



5. Roasting Bob Saget: During a Comedy Central roast, Macdonald's target was Bob Saget. He quipped, "I heard that Bob Saget recently became a father for the third time and he's already forgotten the names of the first two."

6. Insulting the audience: In yet another roast, this time aimed at Hugh Hefner, Macdonald hilariously taunted the audience, stating, "It's great to see all you billionaires tonight. You know what that means? The economy is in the crapper!"

7. Addressing celebrities and plastic surgery: On SNL, Macdonald humorously remarked, "Barbara Streisand announced that she's going to retire.


She said she wants to spend more time with her flower-petal collection and with her husband, James Brolin, who is 873 years old. Incidentally, that's roughly the same age as his wife, after all the plastic surgery."

8. Making light of tragedy: Macdonald aimed at tragedy during the Weekend Update segment, saying, "This weekend, the Apollo Theatre in Harlem caught fire during a performance of ‘The Lion King.’ Well, fortunately, everyone got out safely except for a guy in the mezzanine, who told everybody he was deaf so he wouldn't have to listen to them singing."

9. Roasting fellow comedians: At a celebrity roast for Jerry Seinfeld, Macdonald delivered a stinging punchline, saying, "They say laughter is the best medicine.


Well, your face could cure the pandemic."

10. Targeting his own career: Macdonald often spared no one, not even himself, from his savage humor. During his Netflix special, he quipped, "I've got a lot of stories about Hollywood. Unfortunately, they're all true."

Norm Macdonald's comedic genius was evident in these ten savage moments where he fearlessly and hilariously took aim at individuals, events, and even himself. His legacy as a brilliant comedian will continue to be remembered for his cutting wit and unforgettable punchlines.